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Our first RADA Enterprises Classroom Presence session had everyone from recent graduates in primary education to seasoned secondary school professionals, from university lecturers to nursery school teachers. It was a real test of our flexibility of delivery style!

We began with some good old fashioned fun and games tapping into a few of the key performance skills and ideas which would frame the day. As ever, the opening games generated a great buzz in the room, and before long even the most nervous participants were growing in confidence in front of the class.

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Classroom Presence

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While teachers are experts in their subject matter they often lack experience of performing in front of a crowd, particularly when new to the job. In fact, many teachers don’t acknowledge that they are performers despite the obvious presence of an audience of thirty Year 9s.

In order to be the exciting, dynamic and brilliant teacher that students remember for a lifetime, a basic understanding of performance makes a huge difference. Skills such as improvisation, voice control, spatial awareness, building dramatic tension, changing dynamics, reading the crowd, taking the focus and storytelling are essential, and can set you apart from the rest.

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