By Sheelagh McNamara on Thursday, 07 May 2015
Category: Miscellaneous

Cameron’s triumphant performance

The UK enthusiastically welcomed the American-style televised leader’s debates with seven-million of us tuning in to see the seven major contenders represented on stage. Some thought that the presence of women added a human, authentic, touch - perhaps even a ‘moral’ element. Others felt it was tokenism for the smaller parties and merely done to increase the quota of women on stage. Either way, the strongest performers in that seven-way debate, Sturgeon and Cameron, both having physical and vocal presence, came out winners post-ballot. Our previous post looked at Nicola Sturgeon, here we look at Cameron’s performance in the final debate.

Looking back at Milliband’s performance now, his awkward stance and inability to show up as truly genuine was an early warning sign for labour. It reveals, perhaps, a deep lack of self-belief and clarity of purpose - a rocky foundation for a party who’s campaign has been a struggle. Interesting how these behaviours reflect an inherent lack of clear agenda for social change - and thus an unsuccessful challenge to a Tory majority. Clegg played the nice guy, and his message was one of quiet resignation; there was little fire in his belly and little to differentiate him from Cameron. It's no surprise to see them both resign before midday.




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