By RADA in Business on Tuesday, 06 November 2012
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RADA in Business in the Evening Standard

In Monday's Evening Standard Jasmine Gardner speaks about her experience of attending our two day Personal Impact in Meetings course, below is an extract, read the full article here.

'There are now just two women left running major listed companies in the UK. It's time to take a lesson in how to beat the men to the top

I am at RADA (the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) in Bloomsbury, and though this is an audition of sorts, I’m not here to become an actor. Instead I am learning how to be more powerful, confident and effective in business.

The two-day Personal Impact in Meetings group course I am attending, run by RADA’s business arm, teaches practical physical and vocal techniques to improve communication. Both sexes can benefit but RADA’s courses have trained many top female executives and business leaders so perhaps the drama school can teach me the skills for a better chance of getting to the boardroom myself...'

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