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"It's not what you say, but how you say it"

Caroline Kilpatrick, Voice Tutor

At RADA in Business, the voice is one of the most important tools we train. Clients are often amazed at the significant impact that can be made with relatively small changes. The Wellcome Collection current exhibition ‘This is A Voice’ explores the unique grain of a human voice, the voice’s utter flexibility, and the ways in which it can be altered with treatment and training.

We have come to think of speech as just words, merely there to carry information from one brain to another. But the power we have to communicate and connect to people with our voice is much greater than that. And of course, pure sound is how humans originally used their voices – to bond, attract and connect with sound – far before using it for information exchange.

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CEO and author Margaret Heffernan, on the Board of Directors for RADA in Business, gives the keynote speech at the British Chambers of Commerce annual conference 2016, titled 'The Voice of Leadership'.

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Tips from a Tutor: Personal Impact

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We've cherry-picked some top tips from our Personal Impact course.

1. Open your window
The next time you go into a meeting, before you put your hand on the door handle to open the door, check you are entering with an “open window”. Don’t’ get caught in the “OK, here we go…” frame of mind; as you will be entering anticipating defeat or a battle. Before opening the door, stop. Breathe. Raise your eye line so that when you enter the room your head is up and able to see who is in the room and where they are. This will help you feel more confident as you enter and signal to the people that are already in the room that you are open and ready to engage.

2. If in doubt, breathe out
Make sure you are balanced and grounded. Make sure your knees are not locked, put your hands on your belly and breathe out. As you exhale make an “s” sound. As the air leaves you think about squeezing toothpaste out of a tube from your centre. Be careful not to add any tension to your throat or chest. Become aware of the muscles that engage to help expel the air. This will give you great strength and support in your voice.

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Take your Time when you present

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Take your time when speaking and thinking. Listen to what our tutor Abi says about keeping a steady pace when under pressure.

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Fundamentally Brilliant

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This Summer we trialed a new series of evening courses a Foundation Suite designed to teach the basics in presentation skills. Members of the RADA in Business team, Charlie and Emma reflect on the experience of designing and attending the courses respectively.

From a Tutor

Launching a new open course usually involves about a year of discussions, briefings, trials and revisions before we feel comfortable putting it in front of the public. We then usually allow two years before we expect the course to sell itself and become fully embedded in our open course curriculum. Not so the Foundation Suite.

Earlier this year we decided we needed an additional course which offered people the flexibility of training in the evening. This led us towards offering some fundamentals of business communication that no one ever teaches you. Thus the Foundation Suite was born: four courses covering essential physical and vocal technique, how to make a good first impression and networking skills. Fundamental skills we all know we need but rarely put the time into acquiring.

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All At Sea

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Kevin Chapman, Director of RADA in Business

Cunard Queen Mary 2

This month I had the pleasure of joining our latest company of RADA actors for a week as they set sail to perform shows on Cunard’s flagship; the Queen Mary 2.

Performing in the fully equipped Royal Court Theatre, over 1,000 guests enjoyed abridged versions of Pride and Prejudice (in “moderate” seas) and Romeo and Juliet (in “slight” seas). It was fascinating to watch the actors maintain their composure and sure footedness during the more stormy days in the North Atlantic. Watching Juliet apply performance techniques to stay steady on the balcony reminded me just how powerful these skills are when we teach to people in business to hold their space and confidence.

The cast stays on the ship for its full 4 week tour performing these shows plus running acting workshops and storytelling sessions for the 2,000 or so guests, all as part of Cunard’s overall entertainment offering. This trip took them from Southampton to New York, Quebec and back.

The company will be back in London, performing Pride and Prejudice for one night only in our RADA Studios on the 19 October. Contact Kate Welsh if you would like to join us. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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