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Welcome to our News & Blogs page. If you have any questions regarding the articles included on this site, please email laurapeatman@rada.ac.uk.

Training Zone article

RADA in Business Development Manager, Emma Oakley, tells Training Zone why soft skills are hard to gain but vital to learn, particularly in a modern, technology-based business environment.

Emma shares tips on how to become a more compelling communicator and discusses the importance of engaging an audience using body, breath and voice.

You can read the full article here.

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RADA in Business tutor, Adrian Kirk, explains how practical communication skills training will help individuals to meet their aspirations and talks about his new book on the subject.

Being effective in achieving our aspirations is influenced by many factors. However, if we have practical tips on how to behave differently we are more likely to achieve that which we desire.

For example, by acting out the physical and vocal mannerisms reflective of the type of person we aspire to become, we are seen as being effective. But could that all be a front? It’s certainly true to say that the more we practise adopting the traits of successful people the more we become the successful person. Yet, working in people development for thirteen years, I’ve identified that implementing a fundamental mindset shift frees us to truly own these behavioural shifts.

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Savoy Business Lunch

On 06 November 2013, our annual Fundraising Lunch returns to The Savoy, London.

Lunch with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, now in its 11th year, is a celebratory event presented by the English-speaking world’s premier drama school. The lunch offers a drinks reception overlooking the Thames and a three course lunch in one of Britain’s most iconic hotels. Musical entertainment is provided by RADA’s third year acting students and graduates, along with a colourful display of RADA’s expertise in costume and property making.

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PR Week

RADA in Business has been featured in PR Week with an article about how to use actors' techniques for engaging audiences effectively. The article includes 5 top tips for PR professionals to use when speaking with people in meetings and presentations.

The advice from our tutors in this article is aimed at enhancing the style and skills of professionals who rely on successful communication in their day-to-day working lives, and shows there is always room for development and improvement no matter what stage you are in your career.

Read the full article online here.

Find out more about our courses here.

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Think, Breathe, Speak

Noticed these posters on the underground? Intrigued to know more? We’ve just launched our second RADA in Business tube campaign, encouraging people across London to focus on their body, breath and voice when communicating.

By starting with these three simple steps, individuals can begin to understand how their whole body can be used to become more effective in meetings and presentations. RADA in Business training offers practical techniques for building rapport with an audience and engaging them in a message, making the lasting impact every professional needs.

Find out more about the campaign and RADA in Business training by taking a look at our Communication Skills Training page.

Let us know where you’ve seen a RADA Think, Breathe, Speak poster - tweet the location at RADAEnterprises #ThinkBreatheSpeak

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Article in The Times

If you aren’t a natural master of the universe RADA might teach you to act like one in a day, says Richard Morrison

My mind has blanked. The old limbs feel like jelly. Nine people, all strangers to me until two hours earlier, are sitting in a semicircle. I am in the middle, trying to hold their attention. Not by speaking or gesticulating. Simply by standing still and exuding such an air of friendly but confident ease that all present will feel the impact of my charisma. Read the full article here.

Richard Morrison, Chief Culture Writer at The Times took part in our Personal Impact course last week. This course is part of our Open Courses programme, which teaches practical skills and techniques that enhance delivery and presence when communicating. The training helps indiviuals achieve effective communication for meetings, presentations and building succesful relationships. Find out more about the courses available here.

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