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Adrian Kirk

Adrian is a senior training consultant with RADA Enterprises and has been working with the company since 2002. Before training to be an actor he obtained a Business & Marketing degree and worked for ten years in varying business sectors. When studying at drama school Adrian identified the crossover between acting and communication skills, in that all actors need to be able to communicate a story to an audience through effective use of their body and voice.

Having focused on classical theatre and occasional film work after leaving drama school in 1999, he quickly realised that his passion lay more in helping others become self aware and focusing them to achieve career ambitions. Now Adrian works solely in the personal development arena and has developed the Energy States model which reveals how different types of personal energy influence how we interact with and are perceived by others. He is mostly UK based these days, but has worked over many parts of Europe and travelled to work in the Middle East for around five years.

As a freelance training consultant Adrian has worked in various market sectors, including finance, retail, fashion, blue chip, advertising, marketing, the civil service and local & regional government. Through his training he has helped developed people at all levels, from Chief Executive to administration. His clients for RADA Enterprises include: Dechert, Ernst & Young, Kinetic, Leadership Centre, Main Captiva, Milton Keynes Council, Skanska, Toyota, UBS, Virgin Money, and Which? As well as being a trainer and consultant, Adrian has spoken at several conferences and worked with large audiences employing his interactive approach to development. He also project manages, delivers Forum Theatre and fosters client relationships for RADA Enterprises.

Adrian has developed a specific approach to creating personal change and growth, which is now available to read in his self-help novel: ‘Pieces of the Possible’ (Troubador).


Presentation and Public Speaking • Personal Impact • Power Point • Emotional Awareness • Theatre and Role Play • Challenging Conversations • Personality and Energy Preferences • Mindset

"Adrian was a fantastic trainer, very knowledgeable, thorough and put everyone at ease."

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