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Kate Miles

Kate trained at RADA and has a degree in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University. She works as an actor, an acting teacher, and a trainer in the fields of communication and personal development. She is thrilled that her work as a tutor allows her to combine two of her fascinations: performance and psychology.

With nine years of training and role-play experience across different sectors, Kate’s clients range from political lobbyists and medical trainees, to senior members of the armed forces and executives in the private sector. Her clients include Accenture, Discovery Networks, MoD, Leeds University, M&S, Foreign Office, Shine International, NHS, Buddi Systems, Ten Group, and JTI.

As an actor, Kate has worked extensively on stage and screen with the RSC, Young Vic and the West Yorkshire Playhouse and in sitcoms such as I Want My Wife Back, Episodes, Uncle and Cuckoo. Kate sharpened her comedy skill-set playing the lead in the improvised series The Work Experience for Channel 4. Kate always finds humour a useful tool in her training work.

Kate has taught screen comedy for actors at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and an introduction to acting at Arts Educational.

In 2014, Kate presented a spoof Ted-talk for the charity Compassion in World Farming. It quickly went viral. To date, eTalks - The Secrets of Food Marketing has had over 10 million hits worldwide.

Prior to training as an actor, Kate was a Hollywood Reporter and a TV Producer on shows such as The Big Breakfast, The Word and Gaytime TV. She was responsible for finding and training many TV Presenters who have since become household names.

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