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Kath Burlinson

Kath Burlinson, Ph.D is a communications skills coach with extensive experience of leading training and development programmes within the corporate sector. Kath's work supports individuals to increase personal impact, authenticity and presence. She also works as a professional theatre director.

Kath has delivered speaker training for conferences at junior, executive and CEO level. She leads communication skills and leadership training, applying her skills as a theatre practitioner to body, breath and voice work in an accessible and effective manner. Kath brings energy, compassion, humour and integrity to all her work.

Kath’s background includes eight years lecturing at the University of Southampton, co-founding and running an internationally touring theatre company, and founding a successful national workshop programme, The Authentic Artist. She has worked in artistic, educational and business contexts in the UK, USA, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia.

She has led the Art of Being Heard professional development programme for the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, DanceEast Ipswich and the Key Theatre Peterborough.

Kath's past clients include:

Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Program
The Home Office
Greene King
Digital Europe
Hounslow Council
The Office for Public Management

She offers One-to-One Coaching and her clients range from Senior Academics, Civil Servants, Media Executives, Sales & Acquisitions Executives, Marketing Directors, Senior Management and Chief Operational Executives.

“Kath is the consummate team and personal coach. She is brilliant, inspiring, and grounded. She practices what she says, and, for me, most importantly, distinguishes between acting (not appropriate in a business world) and authentic presence (which is!). Kath inspires people to give of themselves and make the best of themselves.”

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