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Sheelagh McNamara

Sheelagh McNamara is a highly trained voice, speech & presentation skills professional with extensive experience in executive level coaching in England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada and the United States. With over 30 years’ experience Sheelagh’s clients include Oscar Nominees, Politicians, Lawyers, and Senior Executives together with the CEOs and Presidents of International Companies.

Sheelagh’s work is well adapted for today’s business reality and she is frequently hired to prepare entire executive teams for visits from Global CEOs. Sheelagh has an extensive background in preparing clients for political forum, television debate, radio interview and presentations. In addition, she has worked closely with the communication challenges faced by the profoundly deaf, Parkinson’s patients, and teachers recovering from voice loss and pathology.

One of the key strengths of Sheelagh’s approach is her ability to review presentations both in terms of the written and visual elements. Assessment and modification of these components ensures that the structure, content and key messages remain central.

Sheelagh has a post graduate degree in ‘Voice Studies’ from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, London University. She also has a background in teaching, acting and coaching, and has taught Voice at some of London’s leading Drama schools.

"As CEO of an international business with operations across 12 countries I have for many years presented to all types of audiences. As I drive our people to improve their businesses in this ever changing world I felt I should also try and improve my presentation skills to get my constant message across.

I was introduced to Sheelagh as someone with the credentials and a proven track record with many senior company executives and politician. When I first met Sheelagh I had a reasonably high level of scepticism. I thought I had done enough presentations over the years to believe Sheelagh could not teach me much. I was wrong. Any scepticism I had vanished within the first 10 minutes of meeting Sheelagh. I learnt very early that I was starting from the basics. In an incredibly short period of time Sheelagh helped me to completely change my approach to delivering speeches and presentation to large groups.

There is unquestionably a specific skill in delivering a productive speech. I would encourage any CEO to improve their presentation skills through training and I would recommend Sheelagh for that role. I found Sheelagh's approach very professional but at the same time very welcoming. Public speaking is never easy but Sheelagh does makes it easy and produces the results. I would recommend Sheelagh to anyone looking to improve their presentation or public speaking skills."


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