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Richard Quest: Facing My Fear

RADA in Business helps CNN's top business broadcaster with his fear of public speaking.


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What We Do

Be credible. Be incredible.

But sometimes incredible and even just credible can be really hard to achieve, especially when the stakes are high. What skills do you need to really perform at your best? We can tell you.

At RADA in Business we take the world-leading training offered by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and make it work for you in a business context. A training course with us is an entirely practical experience. We help you discover and develop the fundamental skills you need to be the best version of yourself when it really matters. As you’d expect from an institution with a reputation for excellence, a learning experience with us is unlike any other.

The courses below will ensure you are credible every day. Work with us to understand what makes a great communicator. Be incredible.

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Half day courses

  • Stage Fright (one day)

  • One day courses

  • Personal Impact (one day)
  • Seen and Heard - Presenting made Brilliant (one day)
  • Telling Tales - Storytelling for Business (one day)
  • Two day courses and longer

  • Voice of Influence (two days)
  • Personal Impact in Meetings (two days)
  • The Leading Role (three days)
  • Women's programmes

  • Confidence and Presence for Women (one day, career starters)
  • Impact and Influence for Women (two days, manager level)
  • Executive Presence for Women (blended learning over four months, senior executives)

  • Our courses are taught in small groups of no more than ten.

    Please get in touch if you would like to discuss which is the best course for you using the enquiry form or telephone Katie Calvert on +44 (0)20 7908 4779.

    RADA in Business also provides one-to-one coaching, and all our courses are also available in house and can be tailored for your group and your training needs.

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    About RADA in Business

    Through our simple philosophy of mind, body, breath and voice RADA in Business has successfully offered thousands of delegates the same skills that help actors to communicate with clarity and impact.

    Alongside our communication skills work, we have developed a portfolio of clients who use RADA in Business’ unique teambuilding experiences as well as a growing consultancy service utilising the considerable expertise of RADA’s technical staff and training infrastructure.

    Why are an actor’s skills relevant in a business context? Actors have to do many things but it can be simply understood as:

    • Having to tell a story
    • Communicating that story with clarity and passion
    • Changing the way an audience feel

    These skills are also essential business skills, relevant to multinationals, SMEs, local government or a major central government department. They are also skills we all possess, human skills not superpowers; we can all become effective communicators. Our clients know how valuable they can be and we would like to share them with you too.

    RADA in Business gives back all profits to the Academy, ensuring that RADA can select the best students regardless of financial status and provide them with the highest possible standard of training.

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