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Communication Skills Training


Think Breathe Speak is a simple and powerful way to approach successful communication.

THINK – Every communication begins with a thought that you wish to share. Who are you speaking to and what message do you need to convey? The thought then triggers the breath.

BREATHE – The way you breathe affects both your physical and vocal presence and provides the energy behind your speech.

SPEAK – When your body is centred and you are using your voice to full effect, you are able to inspire and influence your audience.

RADA in Business’s approach to professional development trains the whole body, breath and voice. By paying attention to exactly how we communicate a message, we are able to enhance our overall presence and better connect with our audience, be they colleagues, clients, or anyone you want to engage in a professional environment.

Our training develops flexibility, confidence and gravitas. Through open courses, in-house training and one-to-one coaching we help participants make fundamental shifts in their own personal impact and communication style. We are proud to say that 98% of clients asked would recommend our training and coaching to a friend or colleague.

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"An experience that leaves me looking forward (rather than dreading) the big presentation I have looming."

"The Presentation Skills training session turned out to be an amazing experience for everyone who attended. The training was worth every cent, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it."

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