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Richard Quest: Facing My Fear

RADA in Business helps CNN's top business broadcaster with his fear of public speaking.


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Personal Impact in Meetings

What your course covers

Many of us struggle to gain positive outcomes from meetings or conversations with colleagues; successfully achieving your aims can be a challenging task. Personal Impact in Meetings provides practical exercises and experiential learning to help you accomplish the most from your meetings and gain a clear understanding of how others relate to the experience.

Delivered over two days, you will work on techniques to help you understand the impact you have on others and ways to flex your behaviour to reach the most successful outcomes. Professional role play actors will join the group on the second day to help bring to life your personal scenarios and test out the learning in a simulated and safe environment.

This course is a deep learning experience suitable for people who have to participate, lead or contribute to meetings.

You will leave this course with:

  • More confidence when handling difficult situations and attendees in meetings
  • Practised skills and techniques you can take back into the workplace
  • Focussed coaching on how to deal with the specific issues that you face
  • The ability to get what you want out of meetings or conversations with colleagues

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