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"The thing about improv is it's not about what you say.
It's about listening to what other people say."



Do you want to be more creative? Do you want to be more “In the moment” at work? Do you want to understand how to create an environment where ideas are generated and people feel safe to play, create and innovate?

“Off The Cuff” is a fast-paced, high-energy workshop founded on the foundation principles of improvisation. Through a series of fast, fun games and exercises, you and your team will be shown how to let go of fear, take risks and get into a creative mode. You will discover what unlocks creativity and what you can do to unlock creativity in others. You’ll also learn how to get “into the zone” of performance.

This fun packed, energising session will teach you the fundamental rules of creativity and improvisation including how to:

  • Quickly get into a creative mode
  • Generate ideas quickly
  • Take risks
  • Make others feel safe to create
  • Build on ideas

Off The Cuff is great for:

  • Energising teams
  • Teams that need to be more creative
  • Creating new ideas
  • Team building and relationships
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Solving a real problem at work


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